Elections to pacify the public!? Banks and the Corporate powers that be

I see the light at the end of the tunnel! We have about eighty boxes of peaches left, though I took it upon myself to make sure that we picked through the pears. Grandpa gave me the liberty of picking them and selling them for myself, and my sailboat trip. Grandpa didn’t spray the pears this season, aside from neem oil, which is the reason that I get them. Many of them have visible rust colored scaring(grandpa says rust mites), which harden the outer peel. But you already know what I think about defects and fruit. Grandpa calls them organic, since he didn’t spray for the coddling moths. A quick bit of arithmetic in my head makes me think I could come out about one thousand dollars on top; free boxes help, as well as no pruning or thinning bill, though I cut slightly into my profits to give the workers that picked for me a living wage, fifteen dollars an hour. My total expense for the pears was two hundred and seventy dollars. I hope that this does not extend my work period too much, but It may be harder than I think to get rid of eighty plus boxes of pears. Inevitable that sitting roadside under a shade cover and pushing pears in my near future. They will last in the cooler for a while anyhow, so I need not worry about getting rid of them expediently.

Lots to get ready for the trip away. Moving all my stuff into a storage unit in Salida, gathering some firewood for my use there to heat water and a canvas tent, changing my trucks timing belt, and redoing the gas piping from the isolation valve through to the regulator on my VW vanagon. I’ve thought about scrapping these financial burdens and just taking off, but the wiser side of me pushes strongly to have these problems remedied so that when I return dead broke I wont also be living with faulty vehicles and an inadequate housing situation.

The presidential race may be the single biggest news piece these days in the mainstream media. Of course as far as most are concerned there are only two candidates vying for the position, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both are unfit to lead the country: Hillary is a crook and Trump is an egocentric maniac. No mention of Gary Johnson the libertarian candidate who’s common sense policy procedures call for a flat tax reform, balanced budget, and an audit of the Federal Reserve. His opinions on most other main contention points are in line with the educated portion of society. Same story for Jill Stein the more environmentally motivated candidate. All of this of course is inconsequential as far as i’m concerned, because in reality there are many corporate entities which control things behind the scenes. Mark Twain, Howard Zinn, and Ron Paul have the same opinion that I do, elections exist to pacify the people. Everybody spends all of their time and energy bashing this candidate or canvasing for another, such that nobody has any time to spend actually making a difference in how the world is structured. After six months of being bombarded by news coverage and trying really hard to convince other people that they should vote for the candidate that the person in question supports, there is no energy left for actual social changes, or worse yet, it is the candidate that said person wanted that actually gets elected so every action that is taken by the representative is viewed through rose colored glasses(see president Barack Obama’s “legacy”). We are ruled by the corporation, which distorts the rule of law in order to thrive. Citizens United vs FEC is a prime example of the courts eroding the meaning of law and granting power to the corporation: in this decision it was granted the a corporation is a “person” that has unlimited donation potential to political candidates. Vast tracts of land being handed over to railroad companies in the name of progress, tariffs on sugar, copy-write laws written into “free trade agreements”, and just straight up donations by the government to banks in the form of bail-outs. Oh my, the banks do not have enough liquidity! Give them more money! The assets that are on the banks balance sheet count for nothing, all of us in their pocket with our mortgages and loaned cars. I think this is half the reason why social change cannot move forward, people are servants to the goods that they could not live without, and would not have if they didn’t get the loan. Drones in their jobs making record profits for the banking cartel.

The burden to change the system is on my own generation, and what a monumental task it is. How do you stop the corporate steamrolling of our laws and infrastructure? How do you reform a city built with an industrial center and an outlying suburban housing development into something sustainable and self sufficient? How can we slow or stop our use of oil? All the while more and more children are being raised in the concrete jungle, and go their entire childhood without developing an appreciation for the natural world, further hurting the possibilities for change.

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

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