Family time and preparation to embark


     “the world” seems as artificial to me as if I was in a play with a bunch of bad actors and an unruly president who doesn’t stick to the lines. Though not confirmed in the senate, the CEO of Exxon, the oil company, was nominated to be secretary of state. Grand Junction’s newspaper, the Daily Sentinel, was littered with articles that touted the rise of fossil fuel production and exploration they expect from the new president. Donald Trump continues to avoid the pathways of press conferences and news releases, opting to communicate with the public through the prescribed number of characters allowed in a Tweet, the media on both sides covering them extensively.

     The thing that is most perturbing about the state of the world is that the social paradigm is in such a fossil fuel rut that it seems impossible to pull out. On friday my mom and stepdad were driving four hours to Boulder to see a lyme’s disease specialist, after which we went go to visit my sister; the very reason that I went along for the ride. Climbers will frequently drive six hours for one route, my mom will drive six hours for one evenings visit. Who can blame her? My sisters kids are probably the most adorable pair in the world. The real problem is that all the loved ones have scattered themselves across the map, far away from their inception. Reasons such as a good job, a mild winter, a distant lover, or pleasant climbing temperatures scatter the masses, only to be brought back together by the breaking of carbon bonds in the engine of a car or airplane. We need systemic social change, in a community focused direction, I believe. Bring on the Permaculture!

     It feels great to be master of my own time, a condition which allows me to go on single day journeys such as the aforementioned.  Last night I racked the peach and concord grape wine that I made from grandpa’s fruit in order to ‘get it off the lees’, the yeast giving the wine an unpleasant bready flavor.  I’ll bottle it when I return in the spring. Thursday I dug the remainder of the potatoes I had in the ground, about fifteen feet. I lost a third of them to the cold, having a spongy side as a result of a freeze. The potatoes at the base of the plant however were still in fine form, and I look forward to supplementing my diet over the next few weeks with them. I still have a formidable pile of dried pears, peaches, peppers, and tomatoes along with a pile of australian butternut squash. Going to have to get the oven working on the sailboat quickly so I can do some brown sugar baked squash. One of the first news items I got on the radio was an industrial chemical spill in the Corpus Christi municipal water supply. Luckily for me the city of Rockport gets its drinking water from a different source. A reminder of the perils of the industrial age; rampant water contamination. Just because we can make something with the parts found on the periodic table doesn’t mean we should.

     Just about everybody I know is traveling by airplane somewhere for the holidays: Hawaii, Texas, Some other week long holiday. Will next year be different? Will the masses change their ways in the face of an extinction (this era is being geologically recorded as the sixth great extinction)? No, probably not. Well, got to go change my oil. Vanagon is going to south Texas in the AM: yeah I’m embarrassed by that, and you should be too in regard to your own fossil fuel squandering actions.

     I had two things I wanted to do this morning, finish this write-up and head for Texas. I can at least do one of those, but am in no state to travel since I got a stomach virus from my sisters kids and have been dry heaving bile once an hour since ten thirty last night. Still worth it to see the fam.  I’ll continue to fight the nausea with tylenol and sips of mountain dew.

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

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