Eating my elephant one bite at a time…..

     The masses have gone back into their weekday routine: work, drive, drink. Not necessarily in that order. I heard them all early this morning, the rumbling of engines on 35 a few hundred yards away. The lawn maintenance guy is trimming the already weakened winter grass, and there are surveyors about for who knows what got awful structure they want to build next to the beach for a hefty profit. I have much to get done too, since the cold front put a halt to all work outside for the last two days. The fountain even froze to create a precarious ice structure that kids were later kicking at in their inquisitive way. It was nice to have a break to read however. I picked up “Bowditch’s Coastal Navigation” from the library, and find his experience, especially in regard to the mathematics describing celestial navigation very intriguing. I also finally got a hold of the previous owner in order to write a bill of sale that the coast guard demanded, USCG 1340, in lieu of our notarized hand written one (oh bureaucracy!). I was starting to get worried as the guy wasn’t answering his phone, and I had no other ways to get in touch with him.

     Now that the cold front has passed, I will be taking the sailboat out. It will probably be tomorrow or the next day, since I’d like to have the Lazarette hatch that I’ve been working on installed. It will probably be a long an arduous task, me refining the tensions on all of the standing rigging that I have made adjustments to. Oh what Joys it will be to finally take her for a ride though! There is not much on board that is “stowed for sea”, but with a quick run around the cabin I’ll be able to take care of most things, undoubtably missing one or another which will fall from a precarious perch. I’m curious what the coast guard will hit me for, if they do end up boarding. Likely there is something that I will be missing. I have life jackets, sound horn, fire extinguishers, passive ventilation that I think meets requirements, and I’ll be sure to remove the propane tank before I go out (since it is neither secured nor does it have an emergency solenoid cutout or pressure gage – I’ve been bleeding the line every time I use her.)

     The starboard side Lazarette and the front hatch cover have been my main points of focus as of recently. I took the advice of a friend and made an attempt to partially salvage the Lazarette hatch in which the wood that the hinges were going through had rotted out about half way to centerboard. I took a skill saw and cut across the board, carful not to disturb the fiberglass on the top side. I then glued a piece of plywood, and roughed up the surrounding wood in an attempt to give the glass something to fix itself too. Finally I layered composite fiberglass and a weave fiberglass matt that I hope will be strong enough.  I’ll never have to repair it again as long as I own the boat. The front hatch had a rotting piece of wood covering it, so I ripped it all out and replaced it with Luan, the flexible board for exterior doors. With A little paint and some NP1(the king of all sealants/adhesives) I will be sure to have a solid front hatch for many squalls to come.

     I had the pleasure of a visit from two good friends as well, who stopped by on their way to Portrero Chico in Mexico to go climbing. It worked out well that they arrived during the cold front, as their tent was more in line with the moderate temperatures they expected and not the horrifically cold and windy weather that arrived for a day or two. We heated the boat with the oven, a lasagna, and I made a batch of hot wine that we savored while playing hearts.  Let the good times roll!

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

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  1. Love, love reading about your adventure! You’re a gifted writer, in case no one has mentioned it…I savor every word and the pictures my mind creates. Keep writing and enjoy your boat! Loves from your old Auntie

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