End nationalism now, before it’s too late

     It’s happened. I’ve run completely out of money. Buying a clutch for my van, which I will have to put in later, and paying my property tax for the year has wiped out what little savings I have. I haven’t been hit zero for a while, and though I don’t like money in general, I also don’t care to be eating Seagulls and Mullet (which I can readily catch with a cast net now!). Potatoes and onions have been the staple of my diet for the last month. I have some buffer as I have eight days or so left in the month to figure out what the next step is. Anchoring in the bay seems reasonable, though I will need to dismantle the solar panels on the van in order to make the boat self sustainable. It has the downside of not allowing me to communicate easily with potential employers, all of which are land based. I’m starting the task now, that I should have initiated much sooner, of finding some kind of internet based employment. I am still hoping that I’ll be able to bring some kind of income from this website, though how that will work is yet to be revealed. I will certainly need some kind of internet revenue if I am to go off adventure sailing. Perhaps youtube? I did learn that a few of my facebook friends are more nationalistic than I though. I believe nationalism to be very dangerous. Sort of a blind acceptance of anything done in the name of a country, such as instigate wars with Mexico(Mexican-american war) or displace Native Americans.

      Unfortunately it takes money to get things done on the boat, so I am still in the same basic predicament. Dismantling the solar panels on my van however does not cost money, but may ultimately be a downside if my capricious self decides to just sell the boat and run back to Colorado for white water season.  

     I added a few pages on the site: short stories and original music. Now that I have no money my inhibitions of how my voice sounds or how well a story came out are much lower. I do not have any kind of editor, or peer reviewers unfortunately. I am sure some of the stories I’ve written recently would do much better with a few revisions, as directed from beta readers. Oh well. Back to the grind. Writing is a gift in itself. Looking at it any other way is just a fools game.

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

3 thoughts on “End nationalism now, before it’s too late”

  1. Ok dude, don’t panic. I have a few ideas for you as you can probably guess. Might even involve a little embellishment but should work to your advantage. First and foremost don’t get yourself into something that requires an investment. To be succeed at Youtube you’d need more/better tools and software not to mention time which at the moment your running out of. Scrubbing/polishing boat hulls in and out of the water pays well. In the water pays really well but requires tanks and dive gear. Check the boatyards as they are always looking for hardworking dependable help in the spring and work winds down at the end of the summer just in time to sail away. It could also lead to cheap or even possibly free materials for your boat. Fiber glass boat repair. Shittt, fixing surf boards is rocket science compared to doing boats and pays way better. Always test your resin first as boat resin can go bad (never hardens just gets gets tacky). Now onto food. Mullet is actually quite good. I sometimes get some from the Asians with cast nets. Gut and scale it. I prefer to take the head off. Verticle slashes into the flesh rubbed with sea salt and stuffed with ginger. Either bamboo steamer it or foil pouch it on the grill. Serve with rice or stick some potatoes/carrots in your foil pouch. Also, you live on the gulf of Mexico. For the love of god catch some shrimp. Youtube it, theirs like a 100 ways to catch shrimp and even more ways to eat them. Come on Ron, you can do this. Start selling shit if you have to but try not to borrow money even from your relatives as this can be a slippery slope that ruins a relationship.

    1. You can catch shrimp with a cast net! Just not sure where to throw. I have gotten pretty good with a ten foot net, and plan on catching all of our bait fish on the trip. The mullet are swimming around here right now in droves, though I haven’t tried to cook them yet. I have been told they have bad taste, but maybe I should try the sea salt and ginger recipe. Thanks for the encouragement! I thought about selling the kite board, but I took it out today and is too much fun for me to consider. I have to have something to do also when I get there. Today I feel that I should just sail her with all the problems anyway. Put the second bilge pump in on the way down. Fuck it.

      1. I think mullet gets a bad rap because its smaller and bony. It definitely doesn’t taste bad or fishy but if your a bonaphobe then its definitely one to pass on. I would pick the larger ones although the Asians eat them at almost any size. You can cast net for shrimp but the people really into it have nets with smaller holes and sinkers specifically designed for shrimping. From what I understand their is a technique for insuring the net fully hits the bottom where the shrimps sit and closing the net so it pulls the shrimps clinging to the bottom off and into the net. You can make and improvise traps for almost nothing and professional traps cost as little as $10. Bigger shrimp avoid the shallows during the day so most go shrimping at night. Day shrimping definitely involves more know how. Another job that could get you by is transporting/repossessing boats. People buy boats from distant ports but don’t have the time to get them so they pay someone to sail or drive the boat back. People also buy boats they end up not paying for and they hire people to snag and sail the boat back. The latter is sketchy but legal and probably pays better. I actually know someone who did this job for vehicles for a decent living but she had some crazy stories.

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