New horizons ahead. Sold the S.V. Flying Cloud

Diane and Wayne are going to eat tomatoes, basil, and rosemary this summer!

     On Saturday a random passer by came, and was told about the boat by Tom. He looked and went home. On Sunday he bought the boat. Imagine my relief that with so little effort and without waiting, and squandering time here in south Texas, I was able to sell the boat. There are no words that can express my relief at not having to worry about the sixty thing that were on my list of to-do’s before this boat had someone else’s name attached to it. No longer do I have to think about what else I need to do to get the boat ready for a long journey, much of which I didn’t have funds for. I don’t have to worry about the spare bilge pump, integrity of the standing rigging, or the keel falling off any longer. I will be excited to try again with another boat, but we will see how long it is before I am able to procure the funds that I need for a descent one.
     I learned a lot here, and was all that I was truly expecting when I came down. I learned about the raw water system in boats, navigation tricks, using a sextant, some excellent adhesives (NP1 is one of the craziest adhesives I have ever seen-works on everything!), practiced fiberglass work, how to tune rigging, and many many other intricacies of boat life. There are groups of boat owners by the sea that can’t see themselves ever being a land-lubber! I can. I love hiking up hill. I love the dense green forest, with crystal clear cold creeks. I am excited to perhaps get some skiing in before the season is over. There is yet some surfing to do on the gulf in the wind swell waves that show up. The peaks are erratic, but it is a very casual swim out compared with other places.
     I think Muddy Waters, my dog, will enjoy the change of pace. He has not had nearly the amount of exercise and free reign that he was used to back in Colorado. I wonder how his coat will react. Will he still shed in the frigid night time temperatures that he is about to be immersed in, or hold of on shedding until may when things warm up.
     I enjoyed very much getting to know the fine people of south Texas. Despite their tendency to support our current president, they are kind hearted and loving people. They voted for the person they thought would run the country best. They also don’t believe there is anything wrong with fossil fuels, and the jobs go right along with them. When you are surrounded by oil platforms and refineries, how else could you be expected to think?
One thing that I realized about myself while being down here is that I am a gardener at heart. I need to get my hands in the dirt and interact with plants from time to time. It was nice that Wayne had so much planter work while I was here, but I will be extra excited to get back to Colorado and plant a Pondorosa Pine forest on my property. Perhaps also some hardy apple trees. I am wondering if the thyme that I planted last fall in a swale made it over the winter. Oh so many seeds to get going!  It was never my intention so spend the summer working in Texas trying to save enough money for the boat.  I will enjoy setting some roots down for a while, though it seems in my nature to be a wanderer.  
     I am thinking that I will reshape the blog in the vein of gardening until I decide Muddy and myself are ready for another bid at adventure sailing. Life is too short to not live on a whim. 

Sprouts are an excellent way of staving of scurvy in a sailboat. Even in Port!

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When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

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