Surfing, reading, and avoiding current news.

Children on their way to school

     I spent the last three days at the beach in Port Aransas, surfing and reading mostly. The pier there has quite good surf, for a long board, and has been going off that last couple of days with all the east wind that we have recieved. The gulf doesn’t get much ground swell that I can tell, but when the wind is right and the tide comes around it can be a really fun time. The beach in Port ‘A’ allows camping for a few nights out of every twenty consecutive days, though it seems poorly enforced, which is good for me since I could stay there for a month if I wasn’t hassled. My vanagon is back up to traveling standards, having the solar panels wired back into a new marine battery and fridge, and propane tank filled.  Going to change the clutch this week, which should be interesting.
      I came back to the boat today to dump some of the excesses that I have in the van, so that it is less cluttered on my adventures. I am still using the boat as storage until I drive back to Colorado. I will also be helping Wayne set up a greenhouse. It is great to see that somebody down here is very enthusiastic about gardening and starting their own seeds. I will be interested to see how some of the plants that we propagated last time are doing. The environment is so humid here that it must be very easy for these new plants, with their limited and weak root system, to get much of the moisture that they need through their stomata.
     To get to Port Aransas you take a ferry. I am told that they talked about building a bridge, but decided against it due to the fact that the “tourists love the ferry”. There are fifteen or so orange vested workers at each end directing cars, not to mention the ferry captains, and two workers per ferry riding along to chock the wheels. You would thing that a bridge would pay for itself with all that overhead to continuously operate a ferry. From the ferry you can see drilling rigs which are parked on shore for maintenance. Yesterday I also saw one rig being towed out to sea, soon to be returned to service.
     Coming back from solitude and isolation at the beach is interesting. Though there are many people around, I only strike up a few conversations each day, and am free to enjoy reading or playing guitar or body surfing. The heat is striking mid day, and the water is quite refreshing. At the boat I have so many friends from my time here that I get people stopping by often just to chat, especially after a short time away. It is both enjoyable and a nuisance. The grocery store felt a bit overwhelming: music and the hustle and bustle of people going every which way. I am happy that I decided to skip the Oyster fest, and instead isolate myself at the beach.  It was nice to avoid the current events, which highlight the gutting of the Environmental Protection Agency fiscally, and general removal of long standing protective legislation.  I should just not pay attention to the news, I’m much happier oblivious to what is happening.
     More reading, more writing, and more surfing are on the agenda. It’s time to line up a job as a raft guide again this summer.  I will be excited to get into my kayak when I get back to Colorado and whitewater season. It is a tough life!

sunrise at the beach!

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