Up goes the greenhouse, down goes the ski bum.

I ended up on a “working vacation” this week. I guess I will always call it a vacation when I leave the half hour driving perimeter of my homestead. I am about five hours away now, at my mothers home in Grand Junction. I spent the week putting up a greenhouse in Crawford, on the way, and Friday was able to ski with my dad on a rare powder day at Powder Horn. The skiing was extra special since I used to spend twenty five to fifty days a year at that resort, and know many of the runs inside out and backwards; the ones that are just dips into the trees on random cat tracks to find boulder fields and rock drops. For a small resort it has surprisingly diverse terrain. Yesterday I rested my back and legs.

only day on a lift this year. Yay for powder days!
An untracked boulder field just for me? Yes please. Core shots to my skis? Who cares?

How wonderful and great it is to have an able body. To be able to work until you are aching and tired at the end of the day. To get a sense of fulfillment at seeing a project finished. What a primal human need that is which we must still fulfill, sometimes to excess, as we have seen the last few generations prone to overwork; define themselves by overwork, overproduction, and overconsumption. Thats one of the torches that I refuse to carry.

The group of people that I was working for were are Rainbows. Surrounding the day was a spirit of shared community and accomplishment. Meals are particularly communal as well with these keepers of the light, so we ate fire seared food during our breaks. I’ll look forward to seeing them some day in the future.

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

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