Fuck humanity

Maybe I don’t write here because it is not heard. Ninety-nine percent of what I get in response is trying to update my search engine recognition; spam. If you do read this, encourage me by writing a comment. 

The climate is fucked. The scientific consensus is out. Amplifying factors like more methane(permafrost melting), less white in the polar regions(reflecting snow), and continuous deforestation in the rainforests will perpetuate the problem.

I wish I was an optimist, but i’m not. I am a realist. In reality our systems are designed to prop up oil and natural gas. I don’t think that we will change in my lifetime. I will still try to convince us to change. I am a hopeless realist. We will continue to drive fossil fuel cars around, myself included, because the system is too big to change. But is it too big to change?

Our politicians are aged, as well as our social structure. Half the population believes there will be a rapture in the next 100 years that would save us from any kind of climate catastrophe. God will save us.

Should I even care if humans are wiped off the earth? We are a selfish species. We only care about ourselves; the continuation of our kin. No more mountain lions, or bears, or sharks, or whales, or birds. Humans are important only. We have increased cognitive abilities. We are highly evolved.

It is almost guaranteed that we will fuck this up; continue to destroy our own environment. Jared Diamonds book “Collapse” is the best example I can offer. Several island cultures destroyed their own environment to the detriment of their culture. We live on island earth. Our systems are as large as they have ever been. We ship chicken to china to be processed for consumption. Palm oil is brought from the farthest ports in order to make our donuts taste good.

Please think about what you can do to be better. I do. I try to drive less. I try to set up my life to live in a way that uses less: to be self sufficient. I want to buy an electric car soon. I use solar energy for most of my electric needs. I grow some of my own food.

Help the planet by helping yourself. Become your own island. Support yourself. Then help people around you become their own island.

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

4 thoughts on “Fuck humanity”

  1. I agree that it does seem like it is too late to fix the problems but we can try to do our best. But… Most of us don’t want to completely give up the comforts of fossil fuels like myself. I enjoy your posts and hope to see more.

    1. Glad you enjoy reading Paul. I do see it as a problem of convenience. Even my liberal friends think nothing of traveling to Europe or Mexico once a year, my conservative friends mind even less, or at least don’t have some gnawing conscience when they do travel. Some day I hope that we will have an infrastructure that allows for great transportation without a carbon footprint. Even electric cars are unreasonable with 30-40 percent of our electricity coming from coal. Nuclear still seems like the most stable immediate option. I don’t think we will change. Half the people don’t want to change. Best case scenario we change in 30 years, when some of the climate skeptics move on. The impacts of a changing climate will continue to show themselves, and I can only hope are extreme enough by then to cause a political consensus.

  2. Always love reading your stuff, especially seeing your house and where you live and how you enjoy it. Keep writing, not only for us but for you 😀

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