My life now. A post of pictures: with captions.

The shower room. Nothing like taking a solar shower out of the wind in a cozy greenhouse in the winter. Snow tomorrow, shower today.
My shower face.
Running water, WHAT! How luxurious life can be with just a little effort: carrying water up the stairs to the big tank in the loft. Dishes standing! I like to cook, and that means dishes. I’m not 27 anymore washing my dishes from a blue water container on a pedestal.
Fossils in the tile! This is slate. It is a mudstone. Is it a bryophyte?
Mmmmm. Muddy likes treats.
Jills give me shit for my house looking like a construction site. But it IS a construction site.
stormy clouds moving in over the hill. Muddy has his favorite spot to lookout with a bone.
Put a green house here? Perhaps. This hoop is laying there for my measurements. 20′ by 20′ will do.
Got my soil! Two trips to town to haul the bags in foreground and background.
Probably build a shed. One of many projects I need to scrape some money together for. 8×12 on blocks.
This is my poop. It has been two years. Looks damn near like compost. Doesn’t smell bad either.
About a bucket a month. Look how rich I am in tree fertilizer.
My bathtub rain catchment. It is on the north side of the utility shed. Can’t use this tile spring really sets in. Gonna have to redesign to a black painted plastic container in the sun on the east. Bath tub hot tub?
Spring has sprung, and so have a few of my seeds! Pot, tatsoi, spinach, kohlrabi.
Shower house/greenhouse. I had to cut down one tree. 🙁
My bird seed battery bank. A little solar goes a long ways when you only need to charge a laptop and occasionally run a blender.
Still on the propane stove and heater.
Those fucking rabbits would eat my lettuce last year. NO MORE! I chopped one side of this pallet off and made a chicken wire cage.
Raised bed design in progress. Should I put a fruit tree here? I think apples would do well in this climate.
Get some lettuce!
A feat of engineering if I do say myself. Perhaps I just wanted to play with my sawzall.
More pallet raised beds in the process.
Still need to tile behind the stove. My sink is a mess. Under it you can see my apple cider brewing, paint that needs to be applied to something and my unfinished birdhouse. Probably it just looks like clutter though.
The loft. I can sit and read while looking out at the distant snow on the mountains, or pile all the pillows in the corner and curl up to watch a movie. Love this space. No yoga up here; there is a precipice just out of the frame.
The other side of the loft. My storage. My bike hangs from the roof. water tank with at least four weeks of water(ten gallons a week). Climbing gear piled high. I also collected some freeze dried food. Am I a prepper?
I didn’t open the cabinet for the picture, I am just too lazy to close my cabinets usually. This is the only space that I can actually do yoga in. There is a hang board in front of the chair in the foreground. It is cooler down here so ideal for working out.
My sewing desk, which is really a work desk. If there is anything random I should put away, it usually ends up here.
Inverter, heater, south window. Clutter.
My second time tiling! Maybe a wood stove here someday?
One step at a time. I started throwing up and feeling like shit after this picture because Jill brought some bug from the ER home for me. I finished because I had already mixed the next batch of set, and I am proud that craftsmanship only deteriorated slightly.
let the tiling begin.
My fridge: a cooler. I use a wheelbarrow to shuttle things back and forth to my truck. It is generally parked outside.
First time laying tile. Why was I so intimidated? Took me long enough to get around to.

Author: Ronjohn

When I take a deep look at my ego, I see that it defines itself as a recreation bum. I ski, hike, rock climb, kayak, raft, sail, stand up paddle, mountain bike, rock climb again. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado. I am a vagabond extraordinaire.

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