A review: “Mr g” by Alan Lightman

This morning I finished a book. The main character is god, and it is written in the first person. Alan, a theoretical physicist, paints the picture of the nothingness slowly and haphazardly altered by the creator, or deity in our humble earthly perspective, which continues to observe and ponder the animate matter as it begins to “think.” All this manifested and created based on his principal rules for all matter in the universe for which he set forth at the beginning. He observes the matter as it globs together by gravity, and its quantum attributes give it some kind of inexorable uncertainty.

In case you wondered, I highly recommended getting a hold of this at your local library. On page 180ish of the Canon City public library copy you will find the words “could exist” highlighted in an essential oil containing frankincense and sandalwood. The sentence reads something to the effect of ‘what if there was a universe in which only good beings exist.’

What if every one of us acted in a way that was with an intrinsic good will? If when someone has done wrong, we all come together and talk about the qualities in that person that we really appreciate? What if we work together as a community to prevent the systematic destruction of our environment, such that we are witnesses to during this generation? What if we all active sought out to create an altruistic and benevolent society?

In Lightman’s universe it is imagined just as it is. Civilizations expand and collapse. Stars are reduced to their heaviest metals and collapse upon themselves, their luminescence blinking out. Evil can only be understood by it’s contrast, good. And the brains of such conglomerates of matter that happen to take free form, only complicate the whole of existence by having a free will, acting as they see fit.

I don’t want to tell you the end, but as any biologically accurate piece of fiction will tell you, the insects are the last witness of time.

For me, there is one thing to emphasize out of the whole of the body of work. You are all gods. You create your reality. The emotions you feel and the actions you make form the world around you. Do good things. In one part of the universe the beings became so advanced that they programed themselves into magnetic waves inside of a reflective sphere. Their emotions were still real, though their reality was without pain or sensations. Our emotions may also be interpreted as electro magnetic waves, though we experience them as the limbic system responds to hormones.

Most people will not graze this from the text, but you must read and decide for yourself how you envision your relationship with your creator. Most of all, enjoy your free will to control your time as you see fit; before your own small bit of sunshine blinks out.